04.15.14 // Tapioca and the Flea’s ‘Take It Slow’ Video

“It’s about not rushing off into another relationship after you break up,” said frontman Samuel Lopez about the song. “It’s about just being content with where it’s at.”

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04.03.14 // Tapioca and the Flea: The New Sound of Weird Wave

“Kath labeled their music as ‘weird wave.'”


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04.01.14 // Track | Tapioca And The Flea “Take It Slow”

“Besides his great guitar work, it’s hard not to fall in love with Sam Lopez voice.”

– pray the music

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03.24.14 // Red Bull Sound Select’s Record Store Day Release

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03.24.14 // Pop Matters

“…don’t let the title fool you, since “Take It Slow” is a brisk, catchy synth-driven number, a combination of old-fashioned pop-minded songwriting and a state-of-the-art vibe.”

-Pop Matters Staff

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03.15.14 // Red Bull Music Sound Select

“Tonight we’re going to make history.”

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11.04.13 // “Mellotron” by Tapioca And The Flea

“‘pyschwave’ –digi-beats move the feet while airy vocals and visceral guitar vibes paint a dreamscape. ”

– Free Bike Valet

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09.13.13 // Tapioca and the Flea’s Transition From Bedroom Project to Break-Out Act

“I’ve always been fascinated with blending genres, ever since high school. My dad’s a DJ, I grew up listening to dance music. I grew up in a house full of my dad’s vinyl collection and always around his DJ friends and I always had that influence on me of appreciating music that makes your head bob.”

Nate Jackson // OC Weekly

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08.01.13 // Red Bull Sound Select Review

“As the lights dimmed, the screen revealed the stage. Tapioca and the Flea had arrived. Frontman Samuel Jacob Lopez immediately captured the crowd with his high energy.”

– Marisa Rose Ficara // mxdwn

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06.13.13 // Jubilee Music & Arts Festival: Day 2

“They’ve made a (curious) name for themselves partially through their remixes of some big name artists, but original songs like “Mellotron” sound like the soundtrack to the world’s coolest underwater dance.”

– Jason Martinez // The Owl Mag

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